Every single person on this planet lives a double life, constantly working to balance their sexual selves with their social selves. These two versions are constantly at odds, as you try to act in the ways you are expected by society but still seek to be true to the sexual creature that lives inside of you. Why is this balancing act necessary? It’s because society has turned sex from something natural and enjoyable to something forbidden and indecent. Pleasure is seen as sinful, even. Well, Kate and Courtney have had enough of that line of thinking, and we think it’s time to get educated so that we can begin to change how you view both yourself and sex.

Sex is a universal language. When you and your partner are speaking the same language, it can deeply bond you together. If you can master the art of pleasure as a couple, then you can conquer just about anything that comes your way. Once you’ve fully opened yourself up to intimacy with your partner, then there will be no secrets, hurt feelings, or arguments between you – well, no arguments about sex, anyway! When you can throw off the expectations and limitations of society and be true to your sexual self, then you’ll be happier and more satisfied with just about everything in your world.

It’s not about being a perfect couple; it’s about being a perfectly happy couple. If both you and your partner can make a commitment to invest in each other’s happiness both in and out of the bedroom, then you can find that perfect happiness and satisfaction. We know that men and women can be dramatically different in the way they view things like communication, conflicts, and misunderstandings, but we truly believe that these differences can be overcome by making an investment and commitment to your partner’s happiness and sexual satisfaction.

Sexy and Ambitious: How Sex Impacts Your Success

Sex is power. And we totally mean that in a very non-prostitute sense. See, sex can drive success because chances are if you’re happy and confident in the bedroom, then you can spread that confidence out to other areas of your life. It’s not just power over other people, but self-empowerment too. It impacts every single area of your life, from your health to your mood to your career. Save your fantasies of pretending to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman for sexy role playing games and let’s talk about how sex can help you find success beyond the bedroom.

Springtime for Your Libido

Spring is a time of awakening. The flowers bloom, the grass starts to grow again and you may feel an intense need to get it on! Have you ever wondered why you tend to feel a bit more, ahem, spry in the spring? Well, we’re all a bunch of mammals – albeit well-dressed ones – and a change of the seasons brings more with it than the sunshine. Spring actually has an impact on your hormones as well as your mood, and while we’re not entirely slaves to our base desires, we may feel a little more passionate in the springtime. Let’s explore why, shall we?

The Best Natural Remedy For Cold and Flu

Do you feel like cold and flu are always lurking around the corner, with the stress from the job, your relationship or the lack thereof, and a hundred other things we call 'life'? Are you always stockpiling vitamins and scurrying away from anyone suspiciously coughing in the street, no matter what time of year it is?

What do we want for you? We want to share our knowledge with you so that you can more easily identify your partner’s strengths and find solutions to even the most challenging relationship problems. We have personally helped thousands of women tackle the big relationship issues that tend to plague us all. Even more importantly, we’ve helped women learn to value their health and happiness, supporting them as they come to understand the steps they need to take in order to care for themselves every single day.

Here at Kate & Courtney, it is our mission to help you become as happy and successful as you can be– both in and out of a relationship. We truly believe the path to success and happiness lies within you, and that you can unlock it through a better understanding of what you need in and out of the bedroom. We want to be your guides as you discover the subtleties of both your own body and your partner’s. We want to teach you how to attain better health and hang on to it so that you can reach for the stars in your own life while being held back by nothing.

Are you ready to begin this journey together? Let’s get started!